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Victoria London

Victoria Sulima

Victoria’s genuine passion for beauty and for creative expression begins when she was still a child.
Naturally endowed with an insatiable curiosity, she used to keenly observe her aunt tailoring dresses for her clients.
Aided by her aunt, she began to experiment with different kinds of fabrics at a very early age.
Her first piece being a blouse she embellished with a beautiful embroidered butterfly on the front of the dress.
A memory that she will fondly remember in the future.

With a passion for figurative painting, which she has perfected with excellent results, and a great dedication to her piano studies, Victoria Sulima experiments with art in all its forms, exploring the intimate feeling of the feminine soul to capture its sensitivity, irony and transcending beauty.

“It is impossible to design a dress or an accessory without knowing the soul of the wearer first.
Women aren’t mannequins and each one of them has her own unique personality.”

Victoria’s main goal is clear.

Her professional background began while she was attending high fashion courses, which gave her the credentials to work with several prominent ateliers.
She then decided to take multiple courses in both model making and styling, as well as deepening her knowledge in fabric design.
She also dedicated herself to studying advanced-level digital image processing and graphic design.

Her tenacity and indisputable knowledge in the field of fashion led her to collaborate with many relevant international companies both as a style consultant as well as trendsetter.

But that’s not it.

Despite her 15 years’ experience as a style consultant, Victoria is and will always be an artist at heart.
In keeping with her ever-changing and extremely curious nature, Victoriakeeps on studying the everyday woman in her daily life with the purpose of figuring out her emotions, her moods and her complex personality.
This enables her to create her own unique style.
A “custom-tailored” fabric.

That’s why in 2015 Victoria decided to create her own brand called Victoria London, which not only represents her origins (London is her mother’s surname) but also herpassion for art in all its forms.
The birth of the new brand gives her the opportunity to realize her vision regarding the third Millennium woman.
Victoria envisions the modern woman as being dynamic and self-confident in all aspects of her daily life as well as having a winning personality and a cosmopolitan, elegant style.
Victoria’s collections are a mirror that offers a perfect reflection of her style; aunique blend of tradition and innovation for her 100% genuine Italian leather handbags and a great mix of glamour and harmony for her cocktail dresses.

All of this represents Victoria Sulima’s own unique, unmistakable universe.